The ENRICH Steering group comprises appointed Representatives of the Regions and of the Local Authorities of the Network and is the overall decision making body. It determines the strategies and actions of the Network and identifies specific thematic Working Groups aimed at producing operational common projects in their area of concern. Usually, two Representatives per region integrates the Steering group, allowing both political and technical input and and flexibly taking into account the members who do not have political competency on health issues at regional level.

The Tuscany Region has been appointed as President of the network, during the first three years, group with Andalusia and East Midlands as Vice-presidents. Aquitaine became also Vice-president in November 2007. In November 2008, after an election process, Andalusia became President of the ENRICH Network, with Tuscany, East Midlands, and Aquitaine as Vice-presidents.

More information regarding health issues of each ENRICH member can be found in these links, where the information from the Enrich forms is displayed


The Health Inequalities Working Group has been successful in designing and developing a project financed by the EU Health Programme. The title of this action is “Addressing inequalities interventions in regions (AIR)". Its main objective is to develop asset of different tools to reduce health inequalities of primary care settings in the European regions. The specific goals of AIR are identification of best practices to reduce inequalities, and, to establish a list of relevant actions and policies; this is in addition to the assessment of the effectiveness of the specific actions. The results of the project will be widely publicised across the EU regions using different strategies for evaluation and dissemination.

The project leader is the Conseil Régional d’Aquitaine.

The Healthy Weight-Healthy Life Working Group, leaded by Andalusia and East-Midlands, is currently working in the facilitation of the exchange of experiences across the membership of ENRICH via inter-regional visits, web site etc; the sharing of good practices and ideas via the web site, network meetings etc; and developing opportunities for health professionals, clinicians, school children etc to visit projects, hospitals, schools / participate in projects in other countries/regions. This has been the subject of the ENRICH Conference in June 2008 (Lincoln, East Midlands) and in November 2009 (Brussels, Belgium). In conclusion the Obesity Working Group activities are currently focused sharing best practice which is done through the form of Conferences.

The Patient Safety Working Group main objective is to share good practices among its members. The group is working on different topics within this field, focusing mostly on infection prevention, safe practices in surgery, safe medication practices and enhancement of reporting and learning systems.

The way they approach this challenge is building up a network, where different tools and applications used to implement safe practices in their communities can be shared. First agreements are being achieved and joint work is in process. Tuscany, Andalusia and Algarve are active members of this working group.


The ENRICH Secretariat is coordinated by the Regions of Andalusia (General secretary), Toscana, Aquitaine and East Midlands (Deputy general secretary) in Brussels, and acts as a effective support for the network.

The role of the Secretariat is to follow and inform the Steering Group members of new policy and funding developments. The Secretariat also makes and maintains links with other Regions, the EU Institutions and other Organizations working in Public Health, as well as leads and guarantees the circulation on communications and information. The ENRICH Secretariat is in charge of the ENRICH communications (website, newsletter, agenda, etc.), the coordination of ENRICH member Regions and partners (promotion, events, etc.), the preparation of the decisions of ENRICH Steering Committee (proposals, etc.). The Secretariat also manages the relationship between the Steering group and the Working groups. The secretariat meets regularly (every two months) in Brussels in order to inform, to propose and to implement strategies agreed by the steering group. The secretariat is also responsible for distributing Steering Group agendas and minutes in order to verify decisions already taken.

The ENRICH working languages are English and French.