The Objetives

The ENRICH members are conscious of the important contribution that European Regions and Local Authorities can bring to the European debate on health, in view of improving citizens' health and health systems.
ENRICH has as its main priority to contribute to improving health and a strong, sustainable health system for all, while respecting the different competences and responsibilities in the direct organization of the health services of the Member States.

Within this context, the Network has established the following objectives:

  1. Learn from each other through shared information and best practice;
  2. Work with each other on joint projects, both with own resources and with European funds;
  3. Communicate with and react to EU policy developments from a regional perspective;
  4. Provide a high quality regional and local perspective on health issues and provide assistance to the Commission in the process of developing new policies, programs and initiatives.

The scope of the Network covers a broad spectrum of health improvement and healthcare issues with the strong awareness about the necessity to sustain public and universal health policies, and work together to improve health and healthcare through active cooperation among us.
We are convinced that our network is a great resource for all the members and we believe that a regional health system can't survive alone in the globalization era, as stated in the ENRICH network kick-off conference.

The ENRICH network wish to find a convergence of actions with the European Institutions aimed at:

  • Monitoring and tracking developments and sharing information on EU legislation, policy initiatives and funding opportunities.
  • Contributing to the definition of European policies.
  • Providing experts for the evaluation of programmes and projects.
  • Providing national experts on secondment to the Commission services.
  • Negotiating with national governments, should it be the case.
  • Coordinating the financial intervention with the Commission services in the field of Public health and of Research and Innovation (i.e. Convergence between structural funds and Framework Programme)
  • Development of common projects (7FPRTD, CIP, ERAnet, Art.169, SANCO Programme, Knowledge society).
  • Support and coordination of the Local Stakeholders projects
  • Organisation of researchers and practitioners mobility in the context of cooperation in training and specialization, through national and European funds (i.e. establishment of a network of logistic supporting to mobility, definition of a convention for the mutual recognition of training courses)
  • Organisation of workshops and working groups aimed at constituting a shared knowledge base and at the definition of shared indicators of sustainability
  • Constitution of thematic working groups (transplantation, obesity, genomic, ethics.) to encourage a continuous debate between experts, aimed at the proposition and realisation of common projects.