Primary care: Regional strategies to improve efficacy and equity while guaranteeing economic sustainability

Jun 2011

The workshop offers an excellent opportunity to discuss and messure the effectiveness of new primary care regional strategies at national and international level.
























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Continuity of care and coordination between hospital and primary care.ppt6.19 MB
E-health in Primary Care contributing to economic sustainability in Andalusia.ppt9.62 MB
Issues of primary care.Point of view of the Aquitaine region.ppt1.96 MB
Measurement of outcom. A proposed scheme.ppt5.04 MB
PAIS Project.Pour préserver les soins de proximitéi .ppt525 KB
Proactive strategies in primary care.The Tuscan Experience.ppt1.76 MB
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Strategies and new measurements in primary care.the creg project in Lombardy region.pptx1.02 MB
Strategies and results in Primary Healthcare in Andalusia-.ppt12.87 MB
Aritcle. Policy relevant determinants of health. An international perspective.pdf197.21 KB
Article. Measurement of outcome. A proposed scheme.pdf55.79 KB
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Article. Reform of primary health care the case of Spain.pdf1.11 MB
Article. The contribution of primary care system to health outcomes within OECD.pdf192.83 KB
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Article.The hidden inequity in health care.pdf125.99 KB
Article.Transforming care for canadians with chronic health conditions.pdf1.15 MB