The Network

ENRICH is a network of European Regions and Local Authorities working together to improve health and healthcare through an active cooperation with each other. This Network was established on the 30th of November 2005 in Florence, Italy during the conference  "European Regions from local policies to cooperation, partnership &  network"

On this occasion, a number of European Regions and Local Authorities signed a Memorandum of Understanding specifying the objectives of the ENRICH Network. The Network's principal purpose is to share experiences and best practices with a view to contributing to the European debate on health from a regional perspective. The Network focus is on policy implementation.

The aim of the ENRICH Network is to involve several different stakeholders within the sphere of public health, all that with the objective of opening new ways for the implementation of the European policies and of contributing, by foreseeing a formalization of the roles, to the elaboration of programmes of assistance, information, infrastructure sharing and utilization of best practices, research support and innovation.

The participation to the ENRICH Network it's open to the Regions and Local Authorities of Europe. Universities, Research Center, Foundations, SME's and Private Companies can participate to the Working Groups of the ENRICH network. The ENRICH network is composed by a STEERING GROUP, a SECRETARIAT, and three WORKING GROUPS.

At the moment the regions that had already signed the agreement are:

The network has clear plans to increase the number and geographical spread of members in order to reach an operational critical mass and to maximize the exchange of knowledge. The optimal size of the network is 15 member regions. In order to maintain the geographical equilibrium, it is recommended to accept only one region from each country. Eastern Europe has been targeted as a priority are for ENRICH enlargement. Working groups are however potentially open to all other European regions.