The Activities


ENRICH network periodically organizes some thematic conferences to which, in addition to the members of the net, political representatives and expert from other European regions, civil employees of the European Commission, of international organizations and of the communitarian institutions are invited.

Nov 2007

November 2007, conference entitled: "Social Inclusion and health care provisions in European regions: Policies and instruments for social-health care inclusion". The main aim of the conference was to exchange best practises regarding the social-health care inclusion in order to continue the...

Jun 2007

During the Bordeaux conference the regions of ENRICH network have undersigned the Declaration on health inequalities, in which they acknowledge the equality, the equity, the justice like inalienable principles, and...

May 2006

Was organized by the Junta de Andalucia and by the European Commission in Malaga.

Nov 2005

First one of a list of European Regional Conferences.

Nov 2004

Excellence of the transplants and accessibility to the organs donations within the European health systems

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