The Activities


ENRICH network periodically organizes some thematic conferences to which, in addition to the members of the net, political representatives and expert from other European regions, civil employees of the European Commission, of international organizations and of the communitarian institutions are invited.

Nov 2012
Bordeaux | France

The fifth European Congress "e-santé Les Rencontres" took place in Bordeaux, France (9th-11th November). This event was organized with the support of ARS (Agence Régionale de Santé Aquataine) and ASIPSANTÉ (Agence des Système d'Information Partagès...

Nov 2011
France | Paris

On 17th and 18th November 2011, it took place in Paris the fourth edition of the European Congress organized by L'Antel, French National Organization in Telemedicine. The Congress entitled: Telemedicine, improving patient management, perpectives in France and Europe...

Jun 2011
Pisa (Italy) | Workshop

The workshop offers an excellent opportunity to discuss and messure the effectiveness of new primary care regional strategies at national and international level.


Oct 2010

The Conference is an oportunity to share the work developped by the ENRICH network, which celebrates its 5th anniversary. The sessions review some of  the activities of the different ENRICH working groups (Health Innequalities, Patient Safety and Healthy Weight).     ...

May 2010
Algarve | Portimao

On 20th May 2010, Enrich celebrated its mid-year conference. Organised by the Regional Health Authority of Algarve, it took place in Portimao, Algarve (Portugal) and review the subject "Health and Sustainability". Contributions by WHO, AER, DG REGIO, and other European Institutions, as well as a...

Nov 2009

On 17th November 2009 Enrich celebrated its second annual conference of this year. This event took place in the Committee of the Regions in Brussels, Belgium, and brought together speakers and participants from different institutions and regions of Europe. The subject of the debate was “Healthy...

Nov 2009

On 16th November 2009 Enrich celebrated a session on “EU Regions Health Networking” that was held at the Andalusia Regional Government Office in Brussels, Belgium. Regions play a fundamental role in health and healthcare in Europe. In a multilevel decision making society, sharing knowledge and...

Jun 2009

On 12th June 2009 the first Enrich Conference of this year took place in Thessaloniki (Greece), hosted by the 3rd Regional Health Authority of Macedonia. The theme of the Conference was “Patient Safety” one of the EU priorities for the first semester in health. A broad picture at the EU level...

Nov 2008

November 2008, conference "Health In All Policies: from the Declaration to actions" held in Brussels. The conference has been organized with the aim to discuss on the Regional practices and the European policies one year after The Health In All Policies Declaration, signed in Rome on the 18th...

Jun 2008

June 2008, "Obesity best practices in European regions", held in Lincoln (East Midlands), to promote the exchange of best practices in tackling obesity and promoting healthy lifestyles. One of ENRICH main activities, its important is growing given the current trends of this health problem.